The following is broken out into two parts: An overview of how the classified system works, and the rules that govern it.

Quick Overview of Posting a Classified Ad

  1. Find the appropriate sub-forum: The classifieds section is broken into 5 sections: Firearms, NFA Firearms, Accessories & Ammunition "Everything Else" and Commercial/Business. Figure out what category best describes the item(s) you are selling and go there.
  2. Post your Classified Ad: Once in the proper sub-forum you can click the "New Thread" button just as if you were posting anywhere else on the forum. Once clicked you will be presented with the standard new thread form with one special feature, the "Prefix" field which contains 6 choices: [Want to Sell], [Want to Buy], [Want to Trade], [Want to Sell/Trade], [Want to Buy/Trade] and [CLOSED]. When posting a new classified pick one of the first 5 that fits what you are trying to do, the the 6th one is for later.
  3. Wait for responses: People will either email you or private message you with questions, comments, and offers. We suggest that if people ask questions, you edit your original posting to include the answers because if one person is asking, surely there's another person out there who might be wondering the same thing.
  4. Close your Classified Ad: Once you have sold the item you are selling or found the item you are buying, please edit your original ad and change the "Prefix" to the previously mentioned [CLOSED] prefix. This will help our staff locate ads that need to be moved to the archives in an effort to unclutter the ad boards. Please note that we also archive classified ads that have not been updated within the last month.

The Rules of the Classifieds Section

  1. Put your ads in the right place: If you post an ad in the incorrect category, we will not move it to the correct category, we will move it to the trash. This means if you are selling ammunition, do not put it in the firearms section. If you are selling multiple items of different types, please break your items out into their proper sections. The exception to this is if you are selling a firearm that comes with ammunition and/or accessories as a package. Businesses must post only in the commercial/business section. We are not interested in shops dumping their entire stock into our classifieds at normal retail prices.
  2. This is not eBay, include a price or a trade: Our classified section does not support bidding or "make me an offer" style ads when you are the one selling an item. When selling/trading away an item a price or a requested trade must be included, preferably in the thread title. This does not apply to people looking to buy an item, they are welcome to receive offers privately from sellers and pick the best deal. do not link to auction or other sites, as said, this is not Ebay, If your ad is listed with both "Sell/Trade" in the title the ad must have both your asking price and trade items listed.
  3. You must wait at least 72 hours (3 days) from the time of the previous post in the thread before posting again: Every time you reply to your own thread, it is moved back to the top of the classifieds listing. If done repeatedly this is unfair to other members who are trying to buy or sell items. If you need to add information to your listing within 72 hours since your last post, edit the original post. Basically, if you post your ad on January 1st at noon, do not reply to the thread until at least January 4th at noon. Bumping prematurely will result in your ad being trashed and your access to the classifieds may be revoked temporarily or permanently.
  4. Do not reply to/bump your posts to mark the item as sold: Doing this simply pushes your (now defunct) ad back to the top of the list, thus frustrating potential buyers. Simply edit your original post and let your add fall into the archives.
  5. Do not break the law or offer to break the law: This should go without saying, but do not do illegal things. Do not offer to sell a firearm to someone out of state without shipping it to an FFL in their state. Do not offer to sell someone a suppressor without filing the proper paperwork. Likewise, do not request that another party break the law for you. Doing so will result in an immediate ban from the discussion forum completely, most likely forever.

Suggestions and Tips for Classified Ads
  1. The more information the better: Posting an ad with the title "[Want To Sell] Handgun" is probably going to be ignored by everyone. Be specific, try: "[Want to Sell] Glock 19, slightly used, $475 in Philadelphia". The latter will stand out far better because people know what you're selling, what you want, and how easy or difficult it will be to get it.
  2. Include pictures if you have them: People love to see pictures, it gives them a sense of security to know what they're getting. If you have them it certainly can't hurt to post them.
  3. Clearly outline any terms of the transaction: If you will only transfer the gun in person at an FFL, make sure the buyer knows that so you don't end up selling it to someone who doesn't want to travel 7 hours across the state to pick it up.