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    Default 2010 Harrisburg Rally Coordination Thread (Pocono Mountain Region)

    Looking to get to Harrisburg on April 27th for the 2010 Pennsylvania Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally but need help getting there? Whether you don't have transportation, are looking to split costs, or just think it would be more fun to travel with some like-minded folks use this thread to share and find rides.

    If you need a ride, post here requesting one! Alternatively, if you have spare seats, post here offering them up!

    Either way, thank you for coming and we can't wait to see you there!

    Useful Links:

    1. Rally Homepage
    2. Directions to the Rally
    3. List of Rally Speakers
    4. List of Rally Prizes
    5. The Rally Registration Page (to be eligible for prizes!)
    6. The Rally Facebook Page
    7. The Rally Facebook Event
    8. The Rally Twitter
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    Default Re: 2010 Harrisburg Rally Coordination Thread (Pocono Mountain Region)

    Im in the stroudsburg/tannersville/henryville area. Right now it looks like i have 3 free seats. PM me if you need a ride.

    i'll update this post if things change.

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    Default Re: 2010 Harrisburg Rally Coordination Thread (Pocono Mountain Region)

    My schedule isn't done up to the 27th, but if I'm able to attend, I tentatively have 3 seats in a crew cab pick-up. I should know more in a few days and will update.
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    Default Re: 2010 Harrisburg Rally Coordination Thread (Pocono Mountain Region)

    EPAFC is trying to help arrange travel and car pools to this event please go to their web site.

    Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition
    P. O. Box 734, Allentown, PA 18105
    (Formerly Lehigh Valley Firearms Coalition)
    Spokesmen: John Brinson, Jack Iannantuono
    Attorney: Eric R. Strauss, Esq.
    Phone 610-395-2088 Fax 610-398-9340
    Representing over 100,000 gun owners in the counties of
    Carbon, Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Monroe, Northampton and Schuylkill

    Last year's rally of 2009 shows Pa. Representative Daryl Metcalfe speaking
    while Kim Stolfer of Firearms Owners Against Crime stands to the right.
    Both individuals work long and hard to protect your Second Amendment Rights.

    The guest speakers will start around 10:00 am. There will be registration lines and several other helpful organizations present, so the earlier you arrive, the easier it will become. After the rally there will be groups visiting our Representatives and Senators to communicate our views. Everybody is invited to join one of these groups. PLEASE HELP PROTECT YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS BY ATTENDING THIS RALLY. You will be sending a message to the elected officials.

    The Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition has found an Allentown business which will allow the use of its parking for car pooling. Anybody in the Allentown area that wants to car pool to split the costs of travel with other gun owners, please email the webmaster for location and other details.

    To email the Webmaster

    Participants of each auto will have to decide who drives, payment of gas and parking, etc. We highly recommend everybody carry a cell phone so communications at the event between the car pool participants is easy.

    The EPAFC is seeking assistance in all seven counties. We want to coordinate a car pool location for gun owners to meet and share rides. Click on the Assistance Needed navigation bar.

    A Request for Assistance

    Car Pools for Rallies

    One of the problems many gun owners have is the cost of attending Political Rallies. Rallies are an important part of the fight because:

    Rallies attract print and TV media. They help us get our word out directly to the reporters, without going through the spin cycles of third parties.

    Rallies support pro Second Amendment legislators and keep our relationships with them solid.

    Rallies with large turnouts can change the votes of fence sitters in both Pennsylvania houses.

    Rallies are also a meeting point for pro gun organizations and help keep us up to date with actions in other parts of the state/country by direct communications with other members from distant places.

    A large turn out of gun owners is of the utmost importance. However due to the high cost of gasoline and distances involved, many gun owners cannot afford to attend. A very effective way to solve this problem is to have a pre planned location for car pooling of gun owners. We are looking for several locations in each of the 4 counties the coalition serves.

    If you are located in any of the counties we represent and you own a business, or manage a business, which can provide parking facilities to accommodate other gun owners for car pooling, please contact the coalition webmaster. We will not publish your location, but will provide it in emails to anybody contacting us for car pooling assistance.

    After you contact us the coalition will keep your information on file until needed for the next rally. Your assistance will be another step to help us maintain our Rights to Keep and Bear Arms.

    The Eastern Pennsylvania Firearms Coalition thanks anybody who can provide this service.

    You will often here people say “they will have to take my guns from my cold dead fingers”

    Is this just something that sounds cool or do you Really mean it?

    Right now in PA the anti-gunners are activity try to slowly pry your warm fingers off of your firearms rights with more restrictive gun control laws. Are you going to just sit silently by while this occurs, when you could help stop it?

    How about giving 8 hours a year to protect your firearm rights?

    Lots of people are trying to make this as easy as possible to attend this Please consider coming to this rally and interactive legislative lobbying event and doing your part to preserve our firearm heritage as free Americans only can.
    Learn how to really SUPPORT the 2nd Amendment cause Go To

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