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  • 10yd_B3.pdf - NRA B-3 scaled to 10 yards

    1 11.11%
  • 10yd_B34.pdf - NRA B-34 center

    2 22.22%
  • 10yd_MS.pdf - Military Silhouette

    6 66.67%
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Thread: What Target?

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    Default What Target?

    10 yards was the winner of the "What distance?" poll, so now it's time to choose a target.

    Check out the three attached targets and vote for your favorite. They all print on an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper. All three were created using a nifty program called "TargetExpress", check it out at

    Choice #1 (10yd_B3.pdf) is an NRA B-3 50 foot target, scaled down to shoot at 10 yards.

    Choice #2 (10yd_B34.pdf) is an NRA B-34 center, scaled down. I'm not sure what distance this was meant to be shot at, I scaled it the same amount as the B3 so it fit the paper.

    Choice #3 (10yd_MS.pdf) is a "Military Silhouette" again scaled down to fit one sheet of paper. This one doesn't have scoring numbers on it, so if this one wins we'll score it as follows:
    Center Black Dot - 10X
    White Ring - 10
    Light Grey Ring - 9
    Medium Grey Ring - 8
    Dark Grey ring - 7
    Outside the circle but in the silhouette - 5

    I'll keep this poll open for a week. After a winner is determined I'll set up the actual competition.
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