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    Default went out shooting today

    Meet up with flash today at the caledona range today. Great guy, exchanged some stories and got some shooting in. We were both excited to be out shooting today. Got to shoot some different guns . And had some great conversation. The ranges are definitely in need of some work. Also met up with a nice young man there and told him about the PAFOA and what we are planning on doing at the range. He seemed very interested in both. I hope he'll be joining us soon here on the Pafoa forums. It's a little cool outside, but it was very nice to be out today doing what we enjoy!!!!
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    Default Re: went out shooting today

    I'm hoping to get to the range sometime soon. Maybe Sunday.
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    Default Re: went out shooting today

    I put new sights on my Glock17 and 19. Not sure why its so big.

    Screenshot_20240319_133504_Gallery by poofy27, on Flickr

    Went to my friends farm to check both guns for zero. Shot the 23 at 5 too.
    Just slow controlled fire of 5 rounds each string started with Blazer 115s at 5 yards and went to the Igman @10 and Blazer 124's @25

    Shot from 5, 10 and 25 yards. The multiple target pic is all 5 and 10 yds

    20240325_190043 by poofy27, on Flickr

    Anyhow, I was looking at the FBI qualification test ( a guy I knew was an agent but recently passed).

    The target they use is a QIT99 and i compared it to the TQ19 that was used ( maybe still) for Constable quals.

    20240323_192635 by poofy27, on Flickr.

    A couple weeks ago I shot this with the old plastic glock sights on my 17
    FBI qualification test by poofy27, on Flickr

    I need more work at 25. The G17 rear sight may need to be pushed just a hair to the right for the 25 yard shots although next trip, I\ll stick to all Igmans or Blazer 124s

    Well, after i do another run with all the same ammo, I'll verify zero and fire up the timer.

    It was a great day outside. Mid 60s and sunny.
    I shuld shoot more.
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