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    Default looking for ranges in Bradford Cty and Allegheny Cty.

    Hi everyone!
    New to the site but not new to firearms. I was born in Allegheny County, but am currently residing in New York State until we move back to the land of the free.
    However, I still have all my family and many friends back in the Pittsburgh area as well as other PA areas.

    I have several questions regarding PA locations to shoot.
    This coming weekend (Saturday Sept 8, 2007) I will be in the New Albany/Bradford Country area and am looking for a range to go to, outdoor is preferred but not mandatory.
    I am looking for a place near New Albany to shoot rifle and pistol and shotgun = AR-15, AK-47, 12 Gague, 35 Remmington, handguns, etc.
    Ive tried getting in touch with this Sayre place in Athens but none of the 13 different phone numbers I find for it seem to work.

    SECOND...I'm also looking for a place in and/or around the Pittsburgh area. Specifically the West Mifflin area if possible. Again,...rifle and pistol, outdoor preferred, but not mandatory. I'm already very familiar with Anthony Arms in West Mifflin. But anything else in the area would be awesome. I know there is one rifle range someplace near Monroeville perhaps? But i heard that they only allow 3 rounds at a time in your magazines.

    Any help anyone can provide would be great.
    Much thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: looking for ranges in Bradford Cty and Allegheny Cty.

    Sayre Sportsman's Club will be having a work bee on Saturday 8 September. So someone will be there if you want to join. SSC is a "closed club", that is facilities are open to members and accompanied guests only. If you're interested in attending a club level IDPA match contact Jack Petrasksie at or
    Phone: 570-882-7506. Next match 6 October.

    Towanda Rifle and Pistol Club is also a possibilty but is also a closed club. The President is Mark King, but I don't have any contact information for him.

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