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    Default Two more new to me S&Ws

    My S&W addiction continues -- latest to feed the addiction are a couple of big old N frames. First up is a 629-3 Classic, with a 5-inch barrel. Has a few dings and scratches on the exterior, but the bore is fine, lockup is tighter than a tick, timing is fine and the trigger has the buttery smoothness I've come to expect from a fine Smith & Wesson. Fine gun, and a nice companion to its older big blue brother, my 29-2.

    A couple months after I picked up the 629, I went back to the same shop again and chanced upon another fine old N frame, a 28-2 with a 6-inch barrel, P&R. Again, superb lockup and timing, and that outstanding Smith trigger.

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    Default Re: Two more new to me S&Ws

    I like that there 28-2 quite a bit! The "Highway Patrolman" marking is baller.

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    Default Re: Two more new to me S&Ws

    it's not hard getting addicted to that is the easy part, they just make it so easy. they pull you in with the rich bluing, and then once you get ahold of them they seal the deal with that trigger...yes those bastards know exactly what they are, no it's not hard getting addicted them, it's the affording them that turns out to be the hard part.
    sure you say, i'll just get one here and then maybe just one there...and that will do it for me...and then you start seeing them everywhere, models and barrel lengths that previously did nothing for you, now suddenly make your pulse rate rise and your hands sweaty while you race to do math in your head....." if i drink nothing but water from the fountain at work..yea yea, and two packs of ramen noodles should be enough to keep me alive for two weeks...i can do this." suddenly your uttering those words "i'll take it" without even consulting mr. common sense..thinking to yourself "thats it, this is the last time he shows up late to the party". and thats when you realise that he wasn't on your side at all, this whole time he has been playing you, feeding you to your own demons.
    it's all good though, there will be another at the next shop you stop at, and another and another and another...bbbwwwwhahahaha.
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    it's only metal, we can out think it....

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    Default Re: Two more new to me S&Ws

    That 28-2 looks to be in very nice condition. Really great find. Congratulations!


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