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    Default South Whitehall E Coli water issue

    Anyone hear about the South Whitehall E Coli in the township water problem this weekend? They are advising boiling all water prior to use. A quick google search will show the morning call article. I'd post a link but I'm on my blackberry.
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    Default Re: South Whitehall E Coli water issue,4417286.story ...
    South Whitehall water still must be boiled
    By Jarrett Renshaw

    February 21, 2010

    South Whitehall Township remains under a boil-water advisory as officials wait for test results that show levels of E. coli have returned to normal in one of its wells.

    Officials found unsafe levels of the bacteria in untreated water in a well near Dorney Park on Thursday, Township Manager Jerry Gasda said.

    Part of the treatment process includes removing E. coli, Gasda said.

    The township tested the sample -- a process that takes 24 hours -- and the results confirmed the unsafe levels, prompting officials to turn off the well and advise residents and businesses to boil water for one minute before consumption.

    The advisory will be in place until at least Monday, because the state requires two consecutive days of safe levels before the restriction can be lifted.

    The township checked all of its wells and found no other problems, Gasda said.

    Allentown, which provides water to South Whitehall, also checked its wells and found no problems, Gasda said.

    Copyright 2010, The Morning Call

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    Default Re: South Whitehall E Coli water issue

    Wasn't me.

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