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    Default KAHR has nite sights for CW series pistols.

    Was looking at KAHRS website and noticed that they are now offering both Titanium Nite Sites and Fiber Optic Sites for their CW series of pistols. You can do it yourself. The kit is $80. I think I just might have to order one and put it on my CW9 since it has become my secondary carry piece. (Still want to get a laser for it too. )

    Look under sites. It is highlited in yellow.
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    Default Re: KAHR has nite sights for CW series pistols.

    There was a thread on this back on Nov. '09

    I still haven't ordered a set - was hoping to get them for my birthday...maybe I will treat myself early.
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    Default Re: KAHR has nite sights for CW series pistols.

    They are Trijicons, so they are nice sights. Easy install. Although, I didnt have a sight pusher tool, i used a brass punch and hammered it out. It was TIGHT!!!! But overall, it took me 20 mins, and only cause I was really being cautious. So now I have a Kahr with night sights that cost me just around $500. I love my Kahr (CW 45), but wish I had more rounds, have to carry spare mag all the time now too. But I guess that isnt a bad thing now is it?

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    Default Re: KAHR has nite sights for CW series pistols.

    I will have to look into this, I just bought a CW40. I think I know what I want for my Birthday!
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