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Thread: AAR Lyco Dinner

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    Default AAR Lyco Dinner

    So, how did it go?
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    Default Re: AAR Lyco Dinner

    Quote Originally Posted by scmar View Post
    So, how did it go?
    Maybe there still eating.

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    Default Re: AAR Lyco Dinner

    Do you mean this?...

    My response is on page 5, post #49

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Gixxer View Post
    First off I would like to thank clarion44 for coming up with the idea for this dinner! Secondly, thanks to everyone that attended, I had a great time meeting everyone and chatting with you all. I can't wait for the next dinner/meet.

    Before I left I made sure to thank the owner there at The Gamble Farm for letting us reserve the space that we had and I also thanked him for all the hospitality that we were given. He told me that we we're always welcome and he was glad to have us "pafoa'ers" at his establishment.

    What a great night it turned out to be!!!
    Or did i miss a different dinner???
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