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    Default Any training programs in wilkes-barre area?

    New guy here,
    Looking for shooting instruction and competition in the wilkes-barre area. Anything going on?

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    Default Re: Any training programs in wilkes-barre area?

    Good luck on training.
    I've been asking for 2 years. nada
    you might find some stuff in the philly area and there seems like some good stuff in the Pittsburg area but I don't consider thme close. Once in a great while some stuff pops up closer but it is usualy VERY basic.

    As far as competition goes. Closes is probably going to be Wilkes-Barre Rifle & Pistol Club the have a lot to offer. They allow non members to shoot at there events. Becoming a member there or anywhere else in the area is a different story.

    good luck
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Does anyone know the number for 9-1-1?

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    Default Re: Any training programs in wilkes-barre area?

    Contact Tripolis Triggers in Williamsport. They have a very nice indoor range and offer some training and some other fun events: Bowling Pin Shoots, Hogan's Alley (shoot/no shoot on a timer), etc.

    It would be a great venue for other training events if there was sufficient interest. They sometimes have trouble getting enough people in to have a class/event. If you know more people that would be interested in classes they would probably jump at the chance to host additional training events.

    It is also a warm and dry place to shoot during our wonderful winter weather.

    It's not a bad drive from there: Cross Valley to Dallas and down Rt 118. It would take a little over an hour.

    Check out their website: or call Christine at the range. They are super nice to deal with.

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