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    Default Guidelines for the News Forum


    If you've read about it and think it's important, chances are a dozen other people did too. There's also probably a good chance that they already submitted the article. Check first so we don't have duplicates all over the place. The bigger the story, the more you should check.

    News must be specifically firearm-related

    While we know that there are many things going on in the world, there are many other great sources of general news. The focus of PAFOA is firearms and as such the focus of our news is the same. Please note, however that we also don't want the news forum to become a police blotter of every gunshot that is fired. Everything else belongs in The Lounge.

    You must include the source

    Whether that is a link to a website, or lacking a website a specific way to find the article (Such as which local paper on which day.)

    Sources must be reasonably reputable

    Do not submit your own personal experiences or Weekly World News articles.

    Strive to submit the primary source

    If the item you're submitting is a blog post discussing a news item, submit the original news item, not the blog post.

    Comply with all copyright policies of the source

    If the source does not allow you to republish their entire article, only post an excerpt, if they don't allow that post a link and your description of the story.

    Make the thread titles as descriptive as the headline

    Do not submit threads with titles like "You have to see this!", etc. People scanning the forum don't care about your opinion, they care about the news.

    Posts not in compliance with news guidelines will be summarily DELETED
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