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    Default Im Applying for my FFL

    I am currently waiting on the FFL Application Packet ATF Form 7 to come in the mail...AND I was wondering if anyone on here has their FFL and went through the process and could tell me a little bit about it? So i know what to expect... (fees, forms...)... I did read the guidelines for FFLapplication and I do meet their specs....I figured I would see what ppl on here have to say about the whole process... let me know... thanks

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    Default Re: Im Applying for my FFL


    In addition to the paperwork, requirements on same and the fee:

    1) You will have to have a store/established gunsmithing business and be able to show intent to engage in the business.
    2) You will have to have a business set up. Fed tax ID, PA name registration, etc
    3) You will have to be zoned for commercial or obtain variance prior to applying.

    ATF has basically ceased giving FFL's to folks not intending to open actual business. Some areas are more lax than others, but here in Luzerne, they are very strict and approve only those FFL's that have legitimate businesses already set up. With all the i's dotted and t's crossed.

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    Default Re: Im Applying for my FFL

    Dont forget the State dealers license too.
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    Default Re: Im Applying for my FFL

    Now, if you are going into business just to be able to get guns cheap for yourself, the BATFE will not grant the license. They don't care if you sell guns at cost to your buddies, but if you're not treating it as a business they may say something. You will also have to have regular business hours and the BATFE wants to know what those hours are. And, don't forget the IRS. IIRC, if in business you must show a profit 2 or 3 out of 5 years or they may say something.

    Here is some of what you will need:

    PA Firearms license (get at the Sheriffs Office). You may not get this before you get the 01 license but they should be able to give you something to attach to your 01 application stating that you will get it as soon as the 01 license is issued.

    Any local licenses and/or approvals (township, city, boro, etc. will explain what you need). Once you have these, attach copies to the 01 application to prove your are serious about setting up a business.

    IIRC you must have all required licenses/permits within 30 days of receiving your FFL.

    PA Sales and Use Tax license (apply on line at PA Dept of Revenue). You can submit sales tax collected via EFT if you so wish.

    A storefront business OR approval for a home based business from the local government agencies (the BATFE would prefer a storefront, but will give approval for some home based businesses if the locals give their approval)

    Not a true requirement but you're looking for trouble if you don't have them:
    Set up a business, either LLC, Corp, or sole proprietorship (however, with SP if something goes wrong they can take everything you own)

    Business insurance (unless you are independently wealthy and self insure)

    Then you have to start filing a PA business tax return and a federal business tax return.

    You definitely will want a safe (or safes) to store your goods in. Also, the BATFE likes to see that you have a secure storage area that is different and separate from your personal guns. I have 4 safes and all are marked as personal or business.

    Federal License fee: Last number I had was $200 and then $90 every 3 years
    State License fee: At least $50+ for 3 years
    Any other fees: Depending on your local permit fees
    Business insurance
    Business Forms to include the Federal Bound Book, receipts, whatever else you think you may need
    Envelopes, postage stamps or postal meter, return address labels

    What will be helpful:
    Telephone/fax line dedicated to the business
    Computer (for business software if so desired)

    I'm sure there may be some other stuff that I just have forgotten about. If I remember I'll post the info.
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