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You sure kicked up some dust!

Hello from Corry. I've looked at Keystone GC wonder how it is. Is it a members only? Its a good drive for me, but I'm in Erie once in a while. Actually quite often lately working with a builder in Girard for my new house, and my Knee doctor at St Vincent

I was up there yesterday and then swung by Keystone Armory and bought another new gun.
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Yes, private, members only. Guests with a member are charged $6. The club used to have open shooting on Thursday nights, but they changed that a few years ago.

Here's a link to membership procedure. First year membership fee is $75, renewal $60. Plus $3 range fee each time you shoot. Ten dollar application fee.

Seven Mile summed it up good.

I love Keystone, good guys there. Prior to Covid we were doing a monthly practical pistol shoot that was pretty fun. Low round count so it wasn't an exensive endeavor. Biggest drawback is that is limited to 45 feet and ammo velocity is limited to about 1500 FPS so basically pistol only. Works for me because I only live 5 minutes form there and I mainly only shoot pistol, and I have friends that belong to rifle clubs if I want to do that.
It's nice because as member you get a key card, let yourself in, sign in pay your dues (if applicable) and go shoot. Many times I am the only one there.
If you really want to check it out let me know I can meet you there and take you as a guest some time to check it out.

My wife is form Girard, cool little town. We've thought about moving out that way