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    Default Quick Links to Information Threads - One Sticky - Many Threads

    Does anyone else agree??

    We don't want to clutter up the top of every page with a buzillion stickies... BUT there are alot of threads that have solid information posted that would be great to Quick Reference in the future... Especially if someone is new...

    I propose that we sticky a thread like this that has the 1st Post full of TITLED/DESCRIBED links to threads (for the main and sub forums) where credible information has been gathered on a recurring topic...

    The original threads will still be open for posting additional information but the reference list will remain handy even if it's been awhile since anyone posted to the thread... And if there is a more comprehensive thread created with a better collection of information on a topic, that new thread can be linked from this sticky.....

    Here's my (quick and incomplete) example:

    Quick Links to Information Threads

    TSA Rules To Fly With A Gun

    Interstate Transportation of Firearms by Vehicle

    NOC LIST - Private Businesses where No Open Carry or No Carry At All is Allowed

    POC LIST - Private Businesses where Permission has been granted to Open Carry or Carry Concealled

    PHILADELPHIA - Federal/Historic Sites Prohibiting Carry

    AMTRAK - Can You Carry or Check Your Firearms - Latest Status
    ???? (

    STOP, DETAIN, SEARCH - What Can an Officer Do, Legally (IANAL)
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    Default Re: Quick Links to Information Threads - One Sticky - Many Threads

    Hmmmmmm.... interesting idea. Looks good to me. I know the stickies are there, but hardly ever use them. But if all the info is in one place, it would be much better and more handy to use.

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