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    Default Tips on the APPROPRIATE use of the REPORT POST button...

    The report post button looks like this:

    The function of the Report Post button is to let the Admins and Staff know about rules violations, illegal activity, and trolls/trolling posts, and or serious situations that may need our attention.

    Every time a Report Post button is hit, a form comes up, where you put in the text as to WHY the post is being reported. Please be concise, so we don't have to guess why you reported it, and leave any snark, sarcasm, or other BS out of the report.

    When you submit the Reported post, a notification email comes to all of us, in addition to a copy of the post being created as a thread in our Staff/Admin section.

    We will have a record to look at, and actions will be taken as needed.

    Things that are appropriate to report:
    actual Rules violations (go read them before hitting the report post button)
    Any serious situation that the Staff MUST know about
    SPAM (please post under the spam post saying it been reported if you can)

    Things that DO NOT need Reporting:
    high pricing in Ads
    Issues between buyer/sellers in the ad forums that do not involve breaking the law.
    Posts that appear to be in the wrong forum
    Horrible Spelling and Grammar
    duplicate subjects from different posters
    Negative rep that does not break forum rules on personal attacks
    posts that offend your personal religious, moral, sexual, political, or other interpersonal hangups.(unless the rules are being broken, go check!)
    interpersonal issues with another poster (unless the rules are being broken, go check!)
    General Rude tone in posts
    Retaliatory Reporting of posts
    other tems of this nature.

    Be aware that OVERUSE of the Report post button is a nuisance, and may result in unwanted scrutiny of the Reporting poster by Staff and Admins, so basically, if you THINK its an item to report, measure it against the Rules first, then against NEED to report it second.

    Thanks for reading.
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