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    Default Re: Shipping Answers (to questions that are often asked)

    Quote Originally Posted by 39flathead View Post
    Find another rifle.

    Seller is being unreasonable.
    I have a couple other rifles that are similar to the one this individual has. This rifle is still NIB and has a muzzlebrake on it. The other rifle is not new and does not have a brake on it. I have decided to go in a different direction and just bide my time and keep looking for the rifle I want, rather than the one that is available now.

    Quote Originally Posted by gghbi View Post
    If it were me, and this is a hard to find rifle or an exceptional deal, I would see if your brother could arrange to meet the seller at the shipping location, have your brother act as your agent to sign the bill of sale that shows the rifle being sold to you in care of your FFL. The seller is covered since he is sending it to a FFL out of state, not an individual. You are covered since you are going thru your FFL. Your brother need not take possession, so he is covered.
    This is a great I will keep in mind next time I see something local to him, which seems to be happening more often.

    Thanks again guys...appreciate the help.

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    Default Re: Shipping Answers (to questions that are often asked)

    A bill of sale is unnecessary if your brother is going to be at the ffl with the seller.

    Your brother is going to ok the piece and the ffl is going to take possession of it.
    The seller has now disposed of the firearm to an ffl, not your brother.

    You should have your brother locate a local ffl that is willing to do such a transaction so the next time he can just have the seller meet him there.
    No participation trophies 'round here...

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    Default Re: Shipping Answers (to questions that are often asked)

    Can long guns still be mailed via USPS from PA resident to PA resident?

    I can't find diddly about mailing "guns" on the USPS website.
    I don't know if they have stopped allowing them to be mailed, or if they are just trying to avoid doing it by keeping that info a secret.


    NEVERMIND. I found it 30 seconds after posting this.

    Long guns still OK to mail.
    I called to check my ZIP CODE!....DY-NO-MITE!!!

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