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    Default Are Glock/Colt/S-A/etc publicly traded co's?

    Are they? I'm thinking no, when I did a search on google finance, just a brief background came up and no stock prices.

    If they were, I wonder how they're doing?

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    Default Re: Are Glock/Colt/S-A/etc publicly traded co's?

    Most are not due to gov't contract requirements and reporting income requirements

    I belive Ruger and S&W may be the only two



    Both are WAY down compared to where they have been and I would classify both as "DO NOT BUY" especially considering they don't hold any large gov't contracts and they aren't very big internationally.

    The money in firearms is in Police and Gov't contracts... gov't doesn't like publicity :P
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    Default Re: Are Glock/Colt/S-A/etc publicly traded co's?

    Ruger and Smith & Wesson are the only ones I can find. I've thought about picking up a little SWHC just out of principle ... it probably will be a long time before it gets anywhere close to it's highs. Looking at it's chart, you would really have two options. Wait for either of the two scenarios to buy:

    1. If the price breaks out of it's range at around $3.00, that's a good sign
    2. If it goes back down towards $2.00. It seems to have decent support around that area.
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