So I've done it.

Im meeting with Sam from Inpax on Thursday morning. Someone else here posted a thread on how they were going to England (I think it was either Joe Smith or P-11) and wanted to see if they could take any hand to hand classes to brush up as firearm carry isn't going to happen over there.

I posted that I was interested as well and one thing led to another and SteveD was kind enough to pass my info on to Sam from Inpax.

Inpax (from their website) seems to be purely in the business of self defense instruction (so far so good).

As we were possibly interested in getting a group together he said he would run me through sort of their primer for defense on Thursday morning at a gym in Allison park. I used to work right down the road from there so I know right where to go.

I told him that the things I want out of training are:

1. I'm not really in shape, and dont want to spend years learning martial arts. I want the basics on how to defend myself without automatically reaching for my gun. The end goal is to get in shape (and I've reduced all my meals for the past month to smaller portions - lost a few lbs already) but I wanted something that I could use ASAP.

2. Ways to increase my situational awareness. Sometimes "just paying attention" isn't enough (at least I think so). I want some training on how the BG tend to act and more importantly what's the best way to re-act. There's a psychology aspect to this I would assume.

3. I wanted to learn how to use whatever is available around me to my benefit.

4. I wanted to learn how to make sure I keep my gun in a fight if I do draw.

5. I wanted to learn ways to disarm if possible.

I'll be posting my review after we've met up on Thursday, if there's interest based on what I learned we can get a group together for training....PAFOA style.