Basic Pistol Class is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to become a responsible firearm owner
What Will You Learn?
✅Fundamentals of Firearm Safety: The doís and doníts that every gun owner must know.
✅Proper Shooting Techniques: Grip, stance, aim, and trigger control to make you a confident shooter..
✅Realistic Training: Our classes include simulator sessions that provide you with practical experience in a controlled environment.
✅Focused on Safety: We prioritize your safety, teaching you not only how to shoot but also how to store, maintain, and handle firearms safely.

🎯Donít miss out on the opportunity to empower yourself with the skills and knowledge to protect you and your loved ones. Your journey towards becoming a confident and responsible gun owner starts here!
Remember, seats are limited, and our classes fill up quickly. Secure your spot and take the first shot towards personal empowerment! 🎯

Saturay, July 13th 9-11:30am Sign up -