The Western PA Friends of NRA (FoNRA) are doing 2 raffles right now. They are raffling off an $80K (sticker price) Ford F-150 Platinum Crew Cab and doing a 2025 Calendar game (average of 11 guns per month). The truck tickets are $50 each (2 numbers on each ticket). The truck will be given away on Christmas Day 2024 using the 7pm 4 digit PA Lottery number for Dec 25. The Calendar game ($25 per calendar) has 2 - 4 digit numbers and uses the 7 pm 4 digit lottery number for the days that are shown on the calendar (the 1st of the month and every Tuesday and Thursday along with special holidays).

The money raised stays in PA to help fund organizations promoting the shooting sports, teaching firearms safety, and a lot other firearms related endeavors. It is not used for the NRA legal fights, it helps the people in PA promote firearms and shooting.

I have a limited amount of the truck tickets and calendars. If you are interested, PM me to get one or more or to ask any questions.