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    Default Dry fire training systems

    I've seen ads for these off and on with Facebook and it got me curious if anyone has tried them out? It looks like it could be beneficial and additional practice without needing to go to the range.

    The two I've seen:

    Mantis -

    Strikeman -

    It looks like the Mantis higher end systems can do both dry firing and live firing with real time analysis on trigger pull, shot placement etc.

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    Default Re: Dry fire training systems

    Yes the Mantis does that. It also works with anything with a rail and comes with a BBL for things that don't.
    Ive sold them to many military shooting teams for off-season practice and in 20 when all the ammo went away. You can run it at any distance, just pick a point and dry fire it's all internal. It bluetooths with either phone system. I love mine.
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    Default Re: Dry fire training systems

    I use the mantis laser academy and I have found it has made a real difference with my shooting. Helps with presentation from the holster and picking up your red dot if you have an optic on your pistol. Their app is pretty fun as well once you get it set up properly. Takes some fiddling but once you get it you are good.

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