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    Default Legal No Paperwork Pistol STOCK

    Ohhhh... kayyyyy...

    I don't even know what to say.
    Seems brilliant and dumb as fuck all wrapped up in one.

    I called to check my ZIP CODE!....DY-NO-MITE!!!

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    Default Re: Legal No Paperwork Pistol STOCK

    I don't want one but I kinda do just as a middle finger to the man.

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    Default Re: Legal No Paperwork Pistol STOCK

    It doesn't attach, but ATF has been willing to claim that a pistol was "redesigned" into an SBR by placing it against your shoulder. And that a string became an MG if cut to the right length in the vicinity of a rifle. And that pulling a trigger fast enough made it an MG. And that a front grip on a pistol made it an AOW.

    They seem like nice folks. I'm not buying one. I have some fresh new free Form 1's because I bought some "braces" that were argued to be legal.
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    Default Re: Legal No Paperwork Pistol STOCK

    321 ban1.gif

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    Default Re: Legal No Paperwork Pistol STOCK

    $129 for a simple piece of plastic? No thanks. I'm sure someone's come up with a 3d model for this already, or will be soon.
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