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    Default Re: Meet PA State Trooper Ronald Keith Davis

    Quote Originally Posted by GOYABEAN View Post
    That was my first thought when I read the story. Shit like this happens and we are supposed to trust that the government will not abuse red flag laws?

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    Default Re: Meet PA State Trooper Ronald Keith Davis

    Quote Originally Posted by cdi View Post
    After participating in the commitment process here in Pa. I*m pretty confident the medical personnel can tell crazy from railroaded.
    That depends on a lot of things such as the nature of the alleged mental illness, whether the person is high or low self-monitoring, etc. Also, they're only concerned with whether one is threat to themselves or others. One can be completely batsh*t crazy, but deemed harmless and back on the street they go. It's also worth mentioning that, as always, money is a factor. If the cash or health insurance is sufficient to cover 30 days, most mental health facilities will try to drag the process out for as long as they can. When the money runs out though, BAM the patient is cured!

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