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    Default Berks County LTCF

    Berks used to be as easy as it could get, walk into their airport office, ten minutes in and out, done. Now, you have to either apply online with that outfit that charges $5 or apply through the mail and they call and give you an appointment. Check cleared one day, they called the next day and appointment set up for the airport location for the following day (today). Appointment for 1130, arrived 1125, done by 1130. I asked the deputy why this new procedure and he said that there were so many people applying that they had to and that they space them at 5 minute intervals. Sure enough, as I was leaving, next guy was coming in. I guess I'm OK with this process.
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    Exactly my experience earlier this year.

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    5 minutes sure beats what they do to you in Montgomery county.
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