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    Default Re: Confusion about CC Reference requirements

    Quote Originally Posted by Royinmontco View Post
    You can also use out of state refs. I'm in Montgomery and I used a reference in FL. Neither refs were contacted.
    Quote Originally Posted by jthrelf View Post

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    Default Re: Confusion about CC Reference requirements

    Never had a reference contacted (Cumberland then York county over the years).

    Mine are real and I do fill it in... But I suspect if you put "Bugs Wabbit" in Cucamonga and "Mr. daPope" in Rome, it wouldn't matter.

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    Default Re: Confusion about CC Reference requirements

    Only time my references were contacted was when I ticked off the sheriff by refusing to fill out the additional forms that he unlawfully required to be completed. I refused to submit them as part of my renewal application, so we met in his office. I told him where the law specifically prohibited his actions, so he told his deputies to move forward with issuing the LTCF. About 1 week later - after the LTCF was issued - my references were contacted.

    The previous two times (same county, same sheriff, no unlawful extra forms), my references were not contacted, so I believe these reference contacts were at least partially retaliatory.

    (edit: Susquehanna County)

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