S&T Firearms Training and Consulting LLC will be holding a Carbine I class on May 27th at the Lehigh Township Police Department range in Walnutport PA. This is the next logical step for those of you who previously attended Carbine Fundamentals or those with an understanding of the basics and want to expand their knowledge base in regard to efficient safe and effective gun handling with the carbine for defensive purposes.

Topics cover will include;
-Safety brief
-Brief review of fundamentals
-Reloading/Malfunction clearance/Transitions
-Use of cover
-Shooting on the move
-Pivots and turns
-Multiple target engagements

Cost is $175.00. Equipment required is a carbine with sling, at least three magazines, a method to carry spare mags, 300-350 rounds of carbine ammo (NO steel core please!), pistol and holster, 50 rounds of pistol ammo, eye and ear protection, and anything else you feel you may require (hat, knee pads etc). Start time is 0900 and we will be done by 1700.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please contact me at joe@sightsandtrigger.com. Hope to see you there!