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    Default Looking for some Milsurp/C&R friends! Located in Lancaster area.

    Hi all

    I'm a Milsurp collector and looking for similar interest people to go to the range trip.

    I came back to Lancaster after a couple years out west. Was shooting out to 1100yds with my rifles during milsurp matches we were having out there.

    Hoping to find a club I can reach that far too!


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    Default Re: Looking for some Milsurp/C&R friends! Located in Lancaster area.

    I've HEARD of a range in Lancaster county that goes out to 5 or 600 yards but idk where I'd have to ask a friend of mine. If you're looking to shoot out at 1000 yards here in this part of Pennsylvania I think you're out of luck. Farthest one by me goes out to 300 yards. Most go out to 300. I'm here in Cumberland county about an hour from Lancaster. I have almost 20 milsurps. Several Mosins , a couple of Mausers, Lee Enfields, a Krag , an SVT 40 to name a few.

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