In the process of getting my act 235. I'm in the process of getting the paper work done, which is a pain (to find a psychiatrist who can take the test or an optometrist who isn't connected to Lens Crafters/Vision works.

But then I believe there is training by state certified companies.

Anyone been through the process? Anyone know what the training is like? How much it will cost (in dollars and ammo)?

And if you're in that line of work, how its going for you.

I have a few months of sabbatical, so I'm looking at maybe doing this if I'm not gonna finish my degree (don't let your kids play football or hockey, and if you serious white water kayak/raft , well, get a damn good helmet, and not just one that looks cool. Also, don't do box, hits to the head add up, and I'm young still. I'm almost hoping my issues are from a tumor that can be fixed and not head hit damage over time).

(It has just messed up my speech and short term memory, but I have no issues shooting, carrying, driving. I just won't need that dual business Economic/Financial Planning degree. So no CEO in NYC or Philly anymore (maybe) but a security guard for pot or cash, or a police officer, that I can do easy as cake)