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    Default Re: Lebanon Gun Show Two Day Ticket Jan 21-22 2023 (

    we give the kids electronics to entertain them , its our own fault !

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    Default Re: Lebanon Gun Show Two Day Ticket Jan 21-22 2023 (

    Eagle had the price $8 online, at show $9. Pulled same crap at York the last two shows. That Lebanon show wasn’t worth $2.

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    Default Re: Lebanon Gun Show Two Day Ticket Jan 21-22 2023 (

    Thanks for the heads up. I will check oaks in a few weeks but also Reading Armament

    Quote Originally Posted by SgtRecon View Post
    Steve, I see your in Shillington, frankly your best bet for a lower and fire control kit would probably not be this show. While some will be there you can surely get a better deal at Reading Armament in Birdsboro:

    I have bought from them before,good shop and the selection and prices will be far better than the Lebanon show. If you are looking for jerky, pickles, cheap chinesium knives and optics and lets not forget overpriced ammo the show will satisfy you. I go for the entertainment and checking out the MILFs usually end up going home with some ammo cans which are plentiful and cheap

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    Default Re: Lebanon Gun Show Two Day Ticket Jan 21-22 2023 (

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodwanderer View Post
    Its my understanding, after talking with some of the vendors, that the table prices are up there and went up after Eagle Shows was acquired by Jordan/JSD Supply. Some of them are fed up by it, as well as other things.

    Everyone was packing up and leaving early this past weekend. Posted hours were 9-5 and 9-4 respectively, a lot of vendors were packing up and leaving an hour or more before close of show.

    I hope this doesnt signal the end of the eagle shows…unfortunately i have a feeling its coming. Attendance and table numbers down, plus irritated vendors usually leads to a quick demise

    For the few folks on here sharing their feedback about Eagle Shows, Thank you. I want to point out a few things. Since we have taken over, we have set records in both attendance and vendor turn out for nearly all the current shows.

    - Oaks has seen a dramatic increase in vendor turn out year over year. December 2021 holds the record for attendees and December 2022 holds the record for vendor participation with a #3 in attendees. The Feb show coming up this week is a top 3 vendor turn out and we are hoping for strong attendance. Yes we know the superbowl is sunday. We tried to move the date but the facility didn't have anything open. Next year we are going to try to push it to the following week. The price increase comes from the cost increase across the board. As a few have pointed out, everything is up, hotel, gas, eggs etc. Oaks is the best show on the east coast and provides a value to both vendors and attendees that out shines its expense. We heavily advertise every show and will continue to do so.

    - Trevose this last weekend was sold out of vendor space and set a record for attendance.

    - Bloomsburg the december show was a new one we wanted to try. it turns out you shouldnt have a gun show in december in bloomsburg, HA. outside of that 1 show, bloomsburg is always a strong event. We are trying for a 3 hall show for this month but it will depend on vendor turn out.

    - Gettysburg & Lebanon - both are smaller shows as you know. We are trying different advertising for both and are open to suggestions on what ideas may be out there.

    - Morgantown Was a replacement for Oaks during the shutdown. however, customers and vendors both have requested we keep the show going. we've seen an increase in attendance and will continue to offer a great show for morgantown

    I hope this adds some background to how and why. feel free to message me here if there is something specific i should address.

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