Iíve been using the ADM Recon-S mount for many years. And itís worked very well for me. However, my rifle rebuild has really pushed it into a dedicated Bench-Rest role. I donít need the QD levers the Recon-S. And although itís worked fine, being itís 6061 Aluminum has bothered me. I wanted the absolute strength of 7075 Billet. While I do prefer the looks of a 1-piece mount, the 7075 mounts are just more than I want to spend. The Spuhr & the Tier One are both right around $400! Ludicrous to spend that, when any quality set of Rings for $150-$200 will be made of 7075-T6 & deliver flawless performance. Years ago when I used Rings, I was partial to the TPS TSR line. Another popular brand are the ARC. But Iíll be honest, I just donít trust them. The design uses two hinges & the pins freely walk out. Also, they donít use a recoil lug, instead just the securing screw acts as. I was also thinking of getting the Badgers, but they are steel & Iím not overly fond steel. Not to mention, I think they are simply overpriced for what they are. Then I came across these Audere. The are made in Europe. All manÖthatís one strike against them immediately, I thought, LOL!
Seriously, they are Italian made. Made from 7075-T6, use recoil lugs, also have machined grooves around the circumference of the ring, for better grip. And all for $150.

They are packaged in a hard box. I appreciate this level of attention Top Shelf parts manufacturers use.

These scream heavy duty & high quality. All while itís easy to see they are Italian designed. Good looking for a set of Rings. The Bubble Level is appreciated, although not something I really use.

Another good thing with using Rings, the footprint hold is wider. Gives increasing security much the same as a wider Bilod stance.