A Trump-appointed judge issued a blow Thursday night to a New York State gun law that barred guns in places of worship.

The Democrat-led legislature in New York passed a series of laws in September aimed at restricting concealed carry after the Supreme Court overturned a statute requiring individuals to show “proper cause” in order to obtain a concealed carry permit. One such restriction barred firearms in places of worship and “sensitive” areas.

Two clerics and several gun rights organizations sued, asking for an injunction until the court could hear the merits of the case. Pastor Jimmie Hardaway of Trinity Baptist Church of Niagara Falls argued he used to conceal carry his firearm prior to the enactment of the worship ban for “self-defense” and would encourage parishioners to do the same. Hardaway contends he has been “stripped of the ability to keep the peace” and is “suffering diminished personal safety every time” he goes to church, according to the ruling.