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    Default Re: 80% receiver confusion (again)

    Quote Originally Posted by icp4life162005 View Post
    Yes it was JSD supply ... who then went and bought eagle arms shows.

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    Cool Re: 80% receiver confusion (again)

    Quote Originally Posted by HKusp 45 View Post
    Essentially the atf decided that the term readily converted means its somehow a firearm, this is only if the same company sells the jig and frame or the frame comes with the jig and tooling to complete it. Now ... all this means is that you cannot purchase them from the same company. You can purchase the frame, and then a jig/toooling from someone else, not readily convertible ( per the overlords).

    Fast forward to Polymer 80 they stopped shipping to PA a while ago due to the whole attempt at Shapiro to say they were firearms. They never followed up or bothered to have their attorneys even attempt to look into PA law. 80 % arms however just jumped on the tactical machining lawsuit and was also granted a preliminary injunciton . They can now sell the pistols and frames together. Polymer 80 went a different route, they instead of fighting decided to make Delta Team tactical and it's subsidiary companies their sole distributor of frames. Then other companies will have to source the frames only from them. The jigs are available at several different vendors as well.

    Not for nothing 80% Arms is stupid proud of their shit,but they stepped up when Polymer 80 didn't
    Well, that certainly explained a lot. Thank you. My goal is to have enough unserialized Glock clones and ARís/AKís to equal all the flintlocks our colonists had to register with the occupying British. Oh, you donít remember them doing that? Yeah, me neither. Thatís my point.
    Freedom ain't free,pass the ammo,let's ride!

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