More than half of all armed encounters occur in conditions of reduced lighting, but how many of us really get to train in these conditions? Whether you keep a gun in your home for defense are a concealed carry holder or carry a gun for a living this class will provide you with the skills you need to prevail in reduced light encounters. Low light training opportunities do not happen very often get in on it while you can.

On November 18th S&T Training & Consulting LLC will be holding a Low Light Pistol Class at the Lehigh Township Police Range in Walnutport PA. Cost is $175.00. Class size is limited. Start time is 1200 and we will end at approximately 2000.

This course is designed for the armed professional and the armed citizen who takes his or her safety and security seriously. It will cover the techniques and tactics needed to prevail in a low light situation.

Topics include; firearms safety as it relates to professional gun handling in real world situations, sight alignment and sight picture, trigger control, stance, grip, draw, reloading, malfunction clearances, flashlight techniques and tactical considerations, use of cover and equipment selection.

Weapon & Gear Class Requirements:
- Eye and Ear Protection (a baseball style hat is also recommended)
- Serviceable handgun
- Serviceable rifle/carbine with sling
- Serviceable holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters, or Serpa holsters unless it is an issued duty rig)
- Magazine or speed loader pouch
- Minimum of three serviceable magazines for rifle and pistol
- 300 rounds of ammunition for pistol and rifle
- Quality flashlight. You will need a handheld light, weapon mounted lights are also welcome
- Clothing suitable for range activity and the prevailing weather conditions

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