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    Default 😲 Montour Township Fire Department set to close 🔥

    🚒 COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. The Montour Township Fire Department in Columbia County will soon be no more.

    In the last two years, the department has had four different fire chiefs and has endured many issues.

    "They are in financial distress. There has been a lot of reckless spending by different chiefs that have come in and some alleged thefts. There are multiple investigations that are ongoing at this time," said Terry Eckart, Montour Township Public Information Officer.

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    Default Re: 😲 Montour Township Fire Department set to close 🔥

    It's everywhere. I only help with the financial side of things in our FD, but we're down to maybe half a dozen firefighters that regularly go on calls. Probably have less infighting than a lot of FDs because of the small size, but there's still disagreements even among those few. Trucks are all ~30 years old, one is 45 yrs old.

    But then again, the alternative (and likely our eventual future) is getting coverage from 10+ minutes away...and probably more like 15-20 min away realistically, until they could get to the station and get the truck, then get to our area. Wont be much left to save after 15-20 minutes of a 'real fire' burning....

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