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    Default Odd AR15 selector

    So I have this ambi selector in my spare parts from who-knows-where and it's 45 degree which is what I wanted so I went to try it on a lower I'm assembling the other night ... Turns out that with this weird ass selector, safe is at 45 degrees and fire is 90 degrees. I've never seen one like that. Ideally, the lever would be on safe while parallel to the barrel and then fire at 45 degrees to reduce contact with my firing grip but who knows why this was designed this way. It's unfortunate because it's a very smooth selector with solid lockup! No wiggle or anything.

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    Default Re: Odd AR15 selector

    Standard 90 degree has never been an issue for me. I*m right handed, and I have giant hands, so I that does help. I still prefer MilSpec Safety/Selectors, but I found them machined from Billet steel & Nitrided over the standard forge press made pieces and Phosphate. Same no play fit with a nice *Snap* into position. Although, I*ve found this to be a combination of things. I purchase each of the lower parts separately. I make sure to get super high quality Chrome springs and even the Detents I use are machined steel & Nitride treated. Everything fit perfect, and each of the parts slide across one another very nicely.

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