Some things were learned with my recent takedown build using the Pantheon Arms DOLOS system…

When i disengage the barrel assembly, the handguard slides forward. Their solution to this? Use a spring steel retaining clip:

Thats all fine and great, EXCEPT: when i remove the assembly the spring clip slides forward and doesnt fix the issue its meant to fix, and to fix it again i have to disassemble the entire upper to push the spring clip back in place. To avoid this happening, i have to grab the (usually hot) muzzle device and pull, rather than using the handguard to remove the assembly from the upper.

Their solution to this? Use the universal barrel stop lock collar, which is listed :

They say it will work with DI gas systems. The problem i see? Theres no way to rotate the hand guard into position to lock into place since the UBS bolts down to the lock collar.

So what i need to do is make a slotted version that will twist around the gas tube (lengthen the notch cutout in the top of their UBS) and allow me to rotate the whole assembly counterclockwise to ratchet into place. Anyone here able to stamp something out or 3d print me a part to test?

My only other option is to measure and machine a notch in the barrel for the teeth on the lock ring to engage. I’d rather not go that route unless i have to… or, ditch the DOLOS kit, pay 4x more, and install the CryHavoc system like i should have in the first place