Range results from today…hit a touch high and right. Dialed in windage, dropped down a bit and right on the money with 35gr

Switched to 62gr m855….dead on without re-zeroing from 35gr. Need to stretch it out to 100yds to check zero and fine tune.

300blk pistol was high and right with 110gr barnes vortex. Zerod to center, ran sig 127gr(?) OTM and ~1/4” low. 5 shot string of lehigh 110gr controlled chaos stayed about the same as sig OTM. Irons need tweaked a bit yet but i can set up a low 6 oclock hold as second focal plane and hit bullseye with the 3moa red dot cowitnessing

Ebay quad red dot is failing. Lost the dot on green level 5 from recoil. Oh well 🤷🏼*♂️ It was $20 and prob not meant for more recoil than an airsoft rifle lol