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    Default Re: ATF Visits House To Inquire About Solvent Traps

    Quote Originally Posted by PickingPA View Post
    Better check that

    PA has BOTH

    And you should also be aware that use of force is justified with certain expressly named EXCEPTIONS, one of which is:

    *while resisting arrest by a person known to be an officer, even if the arrest is illegal*
    Quote Originally Posted by jthrelf View Post
    Wonder if that applies to feds too
    Read carefully...use of deadly force is NOT authorized to stop an illegal arrest.
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    Default Re: ATF Visits House To Inquire About Solvent Traps

    The arrogance of these agents is astounding and shameful, but this guy is talking way too much. On the other hand, the fact that they paid him a visit means they are not going to entirely go away. He probably needs to get his ducks in a row here, and fast. These agents didn't go away angry or disappointed, they were high fiving each other because they managed to rattle him and put him on the defensive. The best way to own these folks is to demand that they leave if they don't have a warrant, and don't say anything else. nothing.

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    Default Re: ATF Visits House To Inquire About Solvent Traps


    another over solvent traps and triggers.

    seems they are all tied to purchases made from gun broker

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    Default Re: ATF Visits House To Inquire About Solvent Traps

    I actually think those fake cops WERE angry. They told him to keep his hands out of his pockets, and he basically told them *F**K YOU, I*m on my own property!*, and did not comply. He gave them nothing, told them that eroding the Constitution is their SOLE motto on, threw Waco & Ruby Ridge in their murdering faces and did you catch the snarky comment in the end? The atf qveer said *I*m sure we*ll FIND YOU again some day!*

    Sure, the citizen was pissed.. I would be too! They are WORTHLESS democrat party of slavery extensions. *Yes Men* like them tried to overthrow the most successful President of the modern era, have been part of several HOAXES to date & continue the same. I don*t want them on my property, but I*d do the same. Although I wouldn*t open the door, I*d gladly speak through a slightly open window & tell them precisely what traitors they are. So he was pissed, but it was the two agents who were rattled! They were told exactly what they are & do, did not succeed & were not able to power trip on him as he was in the home.
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