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    Default Re: Bidenís War on Guns: A Multi-Generation Florida Family Gun Business is the Latest

    If it is really just typos that got their license pulled JM Gun Repair needs to fully document and publish these violations and show the world what the ATF is doing.

    I know the ATF and Biden are Dicks but for now this is a He said She said situation. And i don't believe the part about them no being able to appeal.

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    Default Re: Bidenís War on Guns: A Multi-Generation Florida Family Gun Business is the Latest

    4.) failing to respond to an ATF tracing request

    5.) refusing to permit ATF to conduct an inspection in violation of the law
    Biden or not those are lic enders.

    Yes there is an appeal for this.

    When ATF does pursue revocation, the procedures specified under Title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 478 (27 CFR 478), are followed.

    First, ATF sends the licensee a notice of revocation (ATF Form 4500) that includes the violations that are the basis for pursuing revocation.

    The licensee has 15 days from receipt of the notice to file a request for a hearing with the Director of Industry Operations (DIO) in their ATF field division.

    At the hearing, the licensee can be represented by an attorney and may bring employees and documentation to address the violations cited in the notice. ATF is represented by ATF counsel and the industry operations investigators (IOIs) who conducted the inspection(s) that resulted in the revocation recommendation.

    During the hearing, the licensee has the opportunity to challenge the violations. Based on the evidence, testimony and exhibits presented at the hearing by the licensee and ATF, the DIO decides whether to continue with the revocation.

    If the DIO decides that the violations were willful and revocation is justified, or if the licensee does not request a hearing, ATF sends a final notice of revocation (ATF Form 5300.13) to the licensee with a summary of the findings and legal conclusions that warrant revocation. If the DIO decides that the license should not be revoked, ATF will notify the licensee in writing.
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    Default Re: Bidenís War on Guns: A Multi-Generation Florida Family Gun Business is the Latest

    Is there an appeal for this?

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