Lodestone Training and Consulting is at Ben Franklin Range.

· Templeton, PA ·
There are only a couple of slots left for this class. This course is an introduction to intermediate-distance marksmanship, designed to give you the skills to make accurate hits on target with your AR-15, out to 500 yards and everything in between. In the three days we will cover ballistics, Minute of Angle (MOA), Milli-radians (MILs), wind drift and wind calls, ammunition selection, scope selection and setup, long range shooting fundamentals, gear options, and spotting techniques. Traditional scopes, as well as red dot optics are welcome at this course. The course will begin with most of the first day in the classroom going over formulas, ballistics, ammunition selection, rifle setup, and wind calls and wind data for YOUR specific ammo. The rest of the course will be on the range shooting known and unknown distances out to 500 yards.