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    Default PMSC Family Field Day Sat. 16 July 22

    What a great day.
    PMSC hosted a family field day this past Saturday.
    A free day at the range to try getting young people and their parents involved in the outdoor activities.

    Ed Stephan, who has been the organizer over the last 10 years or so did an absolutely great job putting this together, getting a few dozen club members to volunteer their day to help in any way they could.

    After an hour or so of listening to people speak of hunting, both ethics and safety in the field, general gun safety and reviewing the 4 basic safety rules and some things I'm sure I missed, the participants broke off into 6 main groups and walked to the 6 stations club volunteers were at to give them some insight into trap shooting, archery, muzzleloading, a field dog demonstration and an hour at my favorite, the .22 rifle steel range.

    That was my duty station as a volunteer RSO along with 5 other guys also watching kids and parents alike enjoy shooting club .22 rifles from 15 to 30 yards.
    Most of these guys were Hunter Ed Instructors or general firearms instructors.
    The steel range has a multitude of pull rope resetting targets in sizes as small as an inch to about 8 inches.

    We started each group with a further review of the 4 basic safety rules, discussed what the range commands would be, talked about sight alignment, sight picture and trigger manipulation.
    With 6 range officers, we were able to be one on one or one on 2 with the shooters.
    Each young person needed to have a parent with them.
    Many of the parents also took the opportunity to send some rounds down range.
    I believe I heard they ran close to 5k rounds.
    When you see a young man.or lady listen to you, learn how to load and shoot. HIT A TARGET!!! and look at you with the biggest smile ever, it makes your day.
    Some of the young people were pretty well versed in shooting and were knocking down even the smallest targets at distance. Oh my to have young eyes again.

    Young people and parents thanked us many times for having the opportunity to do this.
    I'm sure it was the same at muzzleloading, archery, field dog trial watching and everything else that was offered including lunch.

    A great day. A ton of volunteers all helping in any way they could and a great organizing effort by Ed.

    Cool beans.
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    Default Re: PMSC Family Field Day Sat. 16 July 22

    sounds great, glad it went well!

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    Default Re: PMSC Family Field Day Sat. 16 July 22

    I have been taking my girls to a Field Day for the last 7, 8 years.

    Always a great time

    They didn't do one in my area last year and I can't find one scheduled for this year

    EDIT - I just checked.

    They do have one scheduled for Aug 20

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