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    Quote Originally Posted by mobo215 View Post
    I'm not sure if web forums count as 'social media', but it is troubling that I had to use a mainstream email address (Protonmail is not allowed to register here) AND I have to drop my VPN to log in to this site. Everybody seems to want some piece of personally identifiable information to participate.

    I was able to register with Protonmail while connected to a VPN and did NOT have to provide any personally identifiable information such as a phone number. Going forward, forums such as these should consider allowing members to be more anonymous because you never know when your online activity can be used against you.
    I used a yahoo address that I had just for spam and other bullshit. I don't remember the password for it and I have no way to log into that email account.

    Using a VPN has I type this. Sometimes I have to drop it...or switch servers..I think it depends on the day of the week, phase of the moon, how full my bladder is and other things.

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    Default Re: Character and Reputation

    Major corporations search social media, credit score, etc. when screening candidates for employment.

    Photos of drunk passed out at college, dick drawn on your forehead with a sharpie, lying in your own vomit, can suggest what type of employee you might be.

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