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    Default Re: Video shows Ohio officers killed unarmed Black man in hail of bullets

    Quote Originally Posted by Bang View Post
    December 1961 I was walking a beat at 63rd and Market in the 18th when a wagon crew from the adjacent 19th pulled up to chat. just as they were about to pull away for a radio call the recorder (passenger seat) asked "Are you prejudiced?" No I'm not, I answered.
    "You will be", said he.
    So, are you now?
    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Where do you fall?

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    Default Re: Video shows Ohio officers killed unarmed Black man in hail of bullets

    LOL. I knew I'd set myself up for that question. I've always believed that none of us had anything to do with being here in whatever form we happen to be. Assuming another person is full of positives until s/he proves otherwise has always worked well for me.

    Using situational awareness coupled with experience can result in appearing to be prejudiced, but I will not let my guard down to please people with politically-driven prejudices.

    We as gun owners are victims of concerted prejudices every day. Our guns (and, by extension, ourselves) are viewed as the causes of injuries and deaths. Why my cameras are not under attack for being responsible for child pornography escapes my understanding. Point being, prejudices as applied seem to be based on a common denominator. Lack of respect for the truth.
    There are two kinds of guns. Those I have acquired, and those I hope to.

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