As I have mentioned here before I know New Zealand very well.

I cannot even begin to tell how much that socialist Crazy B has blanked up New Zealand.

It has set the country back a generation.

Prior to her under John Key, it was a very free place overall. One of the easiest places in the world to move to and open a business and buy real estate if you wanted. Gun laws while not as good as the USA, also had some advantages, you could buy suppressors right over the counter. The cops were mostly unarmed and didn't hassle people over dumb stuff.

Under Jacinda and using Covid and the Christchurch shooting as a cudgel, the country was turned into a police state and the economy decimated. Much of the South Island's economy was based on tourism and it resulted in many nice hotels simply having to close their doors and board up.

NZ has had a problem with brain drain for a while, partly just due to isolation and a small population, if you want to grow your career or business sometimes you just have to leave, but now it has accelerated it.

A friend of mine for over 20 years from Christchurch, he could see everything turning to shit years ago and started applying for the green card lottery every year(he previously worked in the USA under temporary visas). After a few years he got it, moved here to the USA, bought real estate, brought what money he had over, has a job with the company he first worked for 20 years ago. Pretty happy to be out of NZ.