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    Default Homeowner defends wife in Berwick Township

    An elderly homeowner in Pennsylvania shot and killed a half-naked home intruder after the intruder attacked him and his wife, authorities say.

    The suspect, identified as Steven Shaffer, 54, entered the home of a couple in their 70s in Berwick Township, Pa., wearing only a T-shirt and assaulted the couple before being shot multiple times by the husband and killed, Pennsylvania State Police said, according to FOX 43 of York, Pa.

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    Default Re: Homeowner defends wife in Berwick Township,which of the three of them got what they wanted for Christmas?
    There are no pacts between lions and men.

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    Default Re: Homeowner defends wife in Berwick Township

    I heard this on the scanner as it was happening. A good bit of turmoil for EMS as dispatch didn*t really know they were responding to at first.

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