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    Default Re: New range in KoP... Shoot Indoors

    My wife and I shot here this morning. It's a decent, clean place to shoot. It really is a no frills range and if that's all you want, this is the place. It's well lit with nice controls for the target system. The stations seem a little small and close together, but not terrible. It costs a little more than other ranges, but the other ranges are further away so I say the cost difference is a wash.
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    Default Re: New range in KoP... Shoot Indoors

    It's not a bad range, the staff was friendly, but they have some very restrictive rules. For example my friend brought a gun that did not have a slide lock, it was an older Ruger, and she was not allowed to shoot it, even if she used a chamber flag between strings. They were also really grumpy about anything but very slow fire, anything faster than 4-5 seconds per round and you were getting yelled at, even when cutting the centers out of targets. The booths/lanes are quite narrow so if you have multiple guns there's very little table to work with. Unlike some other ranges they also mix shotguns/rifles with handgun lanes so it's VERY loud in there at time, even with plugs and muffs.

    Also the price IMO is extremely high, they only offer 2 week "memberships" and the cost per year is $1050. The only thing I can think of is they are trying to hide the annual cost by charging "19.99 biweekly".

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