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    Default Some thoughts about the Henry H003T (.22 pump) and a trick with the semi buckhorn

    Upon locating and purchasing a gently used Henry .22 pump rifle, I bought and installed a front sight having a .060" orange fiber optic rod (.450", duping stock sight height).

    Removing the rear sight reveals two 8-40 tapped holes. The pump .22 with the octagon barrel uses the same barrel as the Golden Boy.
    The tapped holes are for fastening a cantilever picatinny rail on the Golden Boy. The .22 pump doesn't need the cantilever base...the receiver is machined providing a dovetail for mounting scope rings having 3/8" bases.

    I bought low height 3/8" bases believing the 38mm front end of the scope I planned on installing would clear the semi buckhorn rear sight. Nope, Sight has to come off. Damn. I wanted that buckhorn to remain an option. IDEA! Install the buckhorn 180 degrees around. That keeps the sight on the rifle, instead of storing it somehow.

    The buckhorn has a reversible blade secured by a small screw. The blade can be flipped. The dovetail of the sight has a set screw, allowing for easy lateral removal/drifting/adjusting of it.

    Now the rifle still has the open semi buckhorn installed and is usable. It's just backwards, and the distance between sights is reduced from approximately 17 inches to 12 inches. Still an option....remove scope and mounts, remove buckhorn and re-install in the normal factory the field, on the bench, or at home.
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