I really don't want to buy these things, they are much too expensive compared to aluminum molds, but if anyone has some that they don't like or use and either want to sell or I can borrow (rent??) for a couple days, I'd really appreciate it. I need cast iron b/c the metal I'm casting is bronze, copper, brass, silver (and silver alloy) among a few other alloys. I'm not looking to cast a lot of these and I'm not too particular as to the bullet shape, though I'm not really interested in flat nose/wad cutters.

I'm in Lancaster & can travel. I have ~8 different bullet molds for 9mm, 357, 40sw/10mm,45acp, 308, 311, .59" & .60" ball & some others I forget (all are Lee 6 cavity molds). I have a lot of lead if you need some as well.

I also have lots of NEW primers & powders. IDK which powders TBH, I bought what was available a year ago & am going to try to sell/trade some so I have more homogenous loads..