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    Default JTS M12 T1 AK shotgun vs Lynx 12

    My local FFL has a JTS M12 MLOK AK shotgun for $500 and a Lynx 12 for $520. Both are Chinese made, Both are semi auto. I heard good reviews of the Lynx 12, not sure about the JTS. Anyone have experience with these? Which would you recommend?

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    Default Re: JTS M12 T1 AK shotgun vs Lynx 12

    I've handled both and seen positive reviews on both but as much as I try to like them sometimes, I'm just not an AK guy so I didn't buy either. I thought the Lynx felt really stiff which you can fix by manually charging it over and over or shooting it but the JTS I handled felt really sloppy. The fit and finish seemed better on the Lynx but that was an example of one.

    If you don't need an MLOK handguard, here's an M12 with a standard handguard for $329

    Lynx 3-gun (left side charging and rail on the dust cover) for $399
    Hope this is not Chris's blood ...

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