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    Default Neversink Gun Club Exeter,

    I have moved in the last year and the gun club that I belong to is a little far away for me to get regular shooting in, Robesonia Fish and Game Association. Neversink is really close to me but i cant seem to get a definitive answer on the process for applying to become a member. I have been told i need one sponsor and then two cosponsors and even that membership was closed. Anyone know the answer on how i can go about trying to become a member?

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    Default Re: Neversink Gun Club Exeter,

    I had a similar situation when I moved here years ago and wanted to join a club closer to my new home. I just found out what date/time they had their monthly meeting, showed up before the meeting and asked someone. They were very polite and handed me an application. I needed a sponsor, so they let me look over the membership list to see if there was anyone I knew. There was a waiting list at the time, but I eventually got in.

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